Pry-vit Ukraine!


Welcome to my website. Your presence pleases me. Come along as I chronicle my experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV).

My program is Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to secondary students. The dates of service are December 21, 2008-2010. We--all 75 are teachers--left September 27th for Kiev, capital city of Ukraine.

Now I'm living in a little village called Kotelva, teaching English to 5th-10th graders, leading an English club and tutoring for academic olympiads. I'll post updates in the blog and pictures in the photo gallery. Please write me ( with questions--or hellos!  

Thanks for your good tidings. Each phone call, email, card, and yes, even text message, has brought tears to my eyes and swelled up my heart. Like the Grinch. A hundred times bigger. I love you guys!